Children electric car price Licensed Volkswagen Touareg 4 seater kids electric car (ST-FF666)

Licensed Volkswagen Touareg
Plastic: White/Red/Black
Painted: WineRed/Black/Blue/Matte Black/Sliver

Full Description

Product Specification:

Licensed Volkswagen Touareg
Battery: 1*12V7AH
Charger: 12V1000mA
Motor: 2*35W
Maximum Capacity: 30KGS
N.wt./G.wt.: 20.6/25.8 KGS 

Product Size: 121*76*61cm 

Carton Size: 124*68*48cm

Qtty/40HQ: 168PCS

Suitable age: 3-8 years old 

Speed: 3-7 Km/h

Product Function:

1. Remote control: 2.4G
2. Forward and backward
3. Music player: MP3/USB/TFcard socket, Bluetooth, volume control 

4. Power display
5. Horn,lights
6. Foot pedal/Remote control
7. High/low speed
8. Suspension system
9. Two doors openable


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